Guest Writers (by most recent date of publication)

CARL FINAMORE: Why Police Kill so Oftenbecause they can

GREGG SHOTWELL: Defend the Right to Strike

JANE EDGETT: “I just got sick and tired of being treated like a piece of crap”

CARL FINAMORE: Union Democracy on Trial

VICENTE NAVARRO: What Happened in Chile: An Analysis of the Health Sector Before, During, and After Allende’s Administration

IMMANUEL NESS: Book Review: Solidarity Divided

CAMPBELL, JAHANGIR & PRENDIVILLE: RN to RN: A Conversation of Global Concern


MAHMOUD ABU AISHA:  Dalal- the only survivor in her family

PATRICIA CAMPBELL: Israel Bombs Health Service in Gaza

MAHMOUD ABU AISHA: Appeal from Gaza – Please Help Us!

PATRICIA CAMPBELL: In Palestine, not even the birds are free

JANE EDGETT: My Pain, Their Gain

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