POWER and Powerlessness

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A clear, passionate, and inspiring call for socialism. A treasure of useful information for understanding the world and how it can be changed.


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Part One: What’s going on?

1. Does anybody really care?
2. Compassion isn’t cost-effective
3. Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken
4. Nature’s youngest child

Part Two: How did this happen?

5. Seize the surplus
6. Compete or die
7. Burden the family
8. Profit from pain

Part Three: Why do we put up with it?

9. The lies that bind us
10. Blame the victim
11. Divide and rule
12. Suffer the children

Part Four: What will it take?

13. Decide which side you’re on
14. Seize the power
15. Beware the middle ground
16. Claim the surplus

Original, hopeful, and solidly researched, this book explains:

  • How capitalism disrupts social bonds by dividing humanity into classes.
  • How disrupted social bonds form the link between individual and social problems.
  • How the medical system manages human misery instead of ending it.
  • The key obstacles to social change.
  • How the working majority can organize themselves to change the world.


Howard Zinn, author, A People’s History of the United States

I think you’ve written something powerful and important. And I like your style, clear, approachable. I hope it will be widely circulated.

Richard VanHorn, Colorado, United States of Amnesia

Absolutely fantastic handling of the most important subject facing humankind. Thank you very much for your enlightened compassion.

Todd Jordan, UAW Local 292

Every UAW member needs to have a copy on their coffee table.

Jeff Schmidt, author Disciplined Minds

Your thesis that “social power is necessary for human health” is a great insight. I hope that many people read this book, because they will benefit from the deeper understanding of society that it provides.

Patricia Campbell, Independent Workers Union (Ireland)

POWER and Powerlessness will inspire all who long for a better world. Rosenthal demonstrates deep insight into the workings of the system, and her conviction that we can transform powerlessness into power will motivate many.

Sophie Hand, International Socialist Review, Sept.-Oct. 2006

POWER and Powerlessness insists quite clearly that there are no individual solutions. Social problems demand social solutions, and such solutions can only be achieved through organization and cooperation, by returning to our basic humanity. This book has the potential to reach the growing numbers of people who know that something is wrong and are seeking ways to engage in serious, transformational, revolutionary change.

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