In the first part of a two-part series, Susan Rosenthal takes apart the liberal notion of personal choices and shows how profoundly capitalism shapes our private lives.


In the second part of her two-part series on the family, Susan Rosenthal explains how families can trap men, women and children in violent and abusive relations.

VIETNAM FULL DISCLOSURE Call for Teach-Ins on the 50th anniversary of the American War in Vietnam

DRAWING the CLASS LINE – Newsletter

KENNETH DOWST interviews SUSAN ROSENTHAL recorded July 2, 2010.

ACE STUDY: The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is one of the largest investigations ever conducted on the links between childhood adversity and disability in adult life. It explodes the lies that good health is a matter of choice and that individuals “outgrow” childhood trauma.  See the CDC for more on the ACE Study.

MONEY-DRIVEN MEDICINE: This 2009 documentary exposes the corruption at the heart of America’s market medical system

UNNATURAL CAUSES: This 2008 documentary explores the link between race, class and health in the United States. The web site offers abundant reference material.

WHO COMMISSION on the SOCIAL DETERMINANTS of HEALTH: Documents growing health inequities between nations as well as health gradients within them. Here is more evidence of the terrible cost of putting profits before people and of the failure of the World Health Organization to challenge this lethal arrangement. For a critique of the WHO report, see  Engels and the WHO Report

THE LESSONS OF CHILE: 1970-1973: Before the US-backed military coup of 19783, Chileans fought for a democratized and inclusive National Health Service. The lessons of that struggle are critical to our fight for universal health care today.

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